DL31 – Wood x Metal

One of the advantages of PVC foam board doors... A real guarantee against water and moisture PVC foam boards are made of plastic and foam It is a mixture of various healthy environmentally friendly materials and is considered the safest because it is completely against fire and against water. Easy to sterilize, which makes it important to combat viruses and bacteria such as Corona virus. They are drawn as planks and pressed with a density equivalent to natural wood, so it is treated as natural wood in terms of cutting, perforating, and all. It is also paintable, stickable, engraveable, printable, and moldable in the wood industries. Foam board is used in all wood works for the manufacture of furniture, furniture, decorations, cladding, swimming pool floors, and any place exposed to water, because it is waterproof and has a lifelong guarantee.

DL31 - Wood x Metal

Basic materials / Swedish wood - PVC or Melamine layer

The outer surface / PVC layer or melamine with stainless steel

Color / multicolor

 Wood x Metal doors that carry many advantages, the most important of which are: easy to clean, have the ability to find sound and noise 👏👏

need maintenance of wood doors,

It is possible to view the videos and sizes that you want to view the videos and your furniture,

It has resistance to scratches and fractures 👌

We seek, thanks to God, to become No. 1 in Egypt, and even in all of Africa, in manufacturing interior doors. This is because we are able to compete with imported products of all designs. We rely on using the best modern machines designed with high quality, and our ability to export to all parts of the world is increasing. Day after day, with the increase in the size and quantity of products in order to manufacture the best internal and external wooden doors for homes and villas alike, we are also interested in manufacturing a strong Egyptian product that competes with all products in quality, price, and quantity as well because we rely on experience in the golden specialties that are necessary for production, as The company has a workforce capable of meeting needs and carrying several advantages

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  • Specifications of room doors 🚪💪😍
  • 🔶 The menus are made of Swedish wood
  • 🔶 The bars are supported by Swedish wood
  • 🔶 Melamine layer against moisture, water and dust
  • 🔶 Stainless steel accessories against rust
  • 🔶 3-key computer console
  • 🔶 2 bars, inside and outside, in the same color as the door and trim
  • 🔶 The weight of the curtain is approximately 40 kg
  • 🔶 Not scratchable
  • 🔶 Anti-termites and insects 🕷
  • 🔶Not conductive to electricity
  • 🔶 Resistant to salts and high humidity
  • Main materials: Made of Swedish wood with a melamine layer for added strength and durability Melamine surface: The outer surface is made of melamine, which makes it resistant to moisture, water and dust. Multi-color design: Available in several colors to suit home decor. Suede wood legs: Comes with suede wood legs to increase their strength. Resistant to scratches and fractures: It is not easily affected by scratches or fractures. Termite and Insect Resistant: Insect resistant design makes it ideal for homes Electricity resistance: Not conductive to electricity Resistant to salts and high humidity, to withstand high humidity environments. 3-key computer system: ensures safety and protection. Two bars inside and outside: It comes with two bars inside and outside in the same color as the door and throat. Weight of the leaf: Its weight is about 40 kg, which adds to its strength and stability.
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