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Multiple modern and classic types of wooden room doors are available at the Sery factory, beautifully designed by the world’s top interior designers. The types of doors used in homes vary according to their nature and usage, with diverse wooden doors being among the most popular due to their customizable designs, shapes, and sizes.

Wooden Door Showroom

There are various types of wooden room doors used in households, but do some of them resemble each other? The answer is no, as the quality of wooden doors varies depending on the type of wood used in their manufacturing and the location where they are used.

Nevertheless, different wood types share similar specifications, including ease of shaping, decoration, thermal and sound insulation, lightweight, and long lifespan. In the following paragraphs, we will learn about the types of doors at the most famous wooden door showroom for rooms and how to choose the most suitable ones. Here are the types:

1- Classic Wooden Room Doors

Classic wooden room doors are crafted from natural wood at the Sery factory, such as sandalwood or oak. These doors are characterized by luxury, heavyweight, and high cost, making them suitable for installation in villas and palaces.

Moroccan-style wooden doors hold a prominent position among the latest models of external and internal wooden doors for 2023, as they add a touch of luxury and elegance to interior and exterior home decor.

2- Accordion Wooden Room Doors

Many shapes of wooden room doors are available at the Sery factory, and these doors are part of the wooden accordion doors. They consist of symmetrical longitudinal parts with each part ranging in width between 10 and 15 cm, connected to each other in a frame and smoothly movable when opening and closing. When the door is opened, these parts stack on top of each other, making the room appear larger.

3- Stuffed Wooden Room Doors

These modern wooden doors are among the most common styles in luxury homes. They feature wooden edges made of natural Swedish wood and panels made of German fontex to ensure the required durability. They offer reasonable cost and high quality, making them a perfect choice for home and office interior design.

4- Shammy Wooden Room Doors

Shammy-style wooden doors are manufactured using the same method as the previous stuffed wooden doors, but they are not engraved like classic heavy wooden room doors due to the fragility of their outer shell. However, they can be painted in various colors and can be used in homes and offices due to their affordable cost.

5- Teak Wooden Room Doors

Teak wooden doors are characterized by their yellow to golden color, which turns into dark brown over time and exposure to air, giving them various shades. This type of wood features waves or veins and has a rough texture. This wood type is the best for external use in villas, as it withstands weather fluctuations.

6- Modern Fan Room Doors

A door composed of rotating blades is referred to as a “fan door.” This type of door is made of natural wood or oak and falls within the category of contemporary wooden doors for 2023 and modern designs for internal doors. This type of door is usually used to separate living rooms from kitchens.

In conclusion, we have learned about the most important types of wooden room doors available at the Sery factory, which is one of the best companies in modern wooden door manufacturing.

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