How to paint wooden doors and the most important steps


Painting doors is a maintenance task that can be done yourself if you have the necessary tools and follow the correct instructions and steps. This process doesn’t require skill but demands precision in execution. Additionally, wood is a material commonly used in many furniture pieces in homes. In this article, we will explain how to paint wooden doors by following some simple instructions.

Types of Wood Paint

Some people believe that regular paint can be used for all surfaces. However, there are specific types of paint for wooden doors and others for different surfaces. Here are the types of paint suitable for wood:

  1. Oil-Based Paint: Many prefer using oil-based paint for wooden furniture because it makes the wood surface smooth, whether glossy or matte. It’s also less prone to scratching and typically requires only one coat for the desired color and shine. However, it takes longer to dry.
  2. Latex Paint: Handling latex paint is easier than oil-based paint as it’s lightweight and dries quickly on wooden surfaces. It’s easy to clean and correct color, making the task faster and simpler. However, it may require multiple coats for the desired color and shine and can be more susceptible to cracking and scratching with frequent use.
  3. Water-Based Paint: This type of paint is one of the easiest to use on wood. It dries quickly, doesn’t cause wood fibers to mold or emit odors, and is resistant to fading and cracking. Varieties include chalk paint, milk paint, and acrylic paint.

Tools and Equipment for Painting Wooden Doors

Before starting to paint wooden doors, you’ll need a set of tools and equipment, including:

  • Appropriate-sized paintbrush.
  • Paint specifically designed for wooden doors in your desired color.
  • Primer paint suitable for wooden doors.
  • Clean cloth for wiping doors before painting.
  • Small brush for narrow spaces.
  • Fine-grit sandpaper and flexible sandpaper.
  • Protective face mask and old clothes to avoid getting paint on yourself.
  • Pieces of newspaper or towels.

Painting Wooden Doors

Painting wooden doors refreshes their appearance, adds a personal touch, and protects them from wear and tear over time. Painting doors is generally a straightforward task if you have the right materials and tools and are prepared to execute the job.

In conclusion, we have learned how to paint wooden doors, along with the types of paint used for this purpose and the necessary tools.

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