Interior wooden doors


Interior wooden doors serve more than just security functions within a home, as they also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the interior decor. Let’s delve into an overview of interior doors and their various types.

Overview of Interior Doors and Their Types

Interior doors in homes are predominantly made of wood, with variations in the type of wood used depending on their intended use. These doors share common features such as:

  • Lightweight design.
  • Ease of shaping and decorating.
  • Ability to insulate against heat and sound.

Classic Wooden Doors

This type of door is crafted from natural wood, with variations in the type of wood used, including teak, oak, and others. Classic wooden doors are characterized by luxury and elegance, often having a heavy weight and higher cost. They are commonly found in villas and mansions, featuring various designs such as Moroccan wooden doors, adding both luxury and aesthetic value to the space.

Solid Core Doors

Solid core doors are modern wooden doors extensively used in villas. They feature a frame made of Swedish natural wood filled with layers of German Phonex, enhancing the door’s durability and strength. These doors are cost-effective and suitable for interior room divisions in both homes and offices.

Fan-Lite Interior Doors

Fan-lite interior doors are manufactured from natural or oak wood, representing a contemporary design. They are commonly used in kitchens or as dividers between living rooms and kitchens, offering a modern and visually appealing look that complements interior decor.

Other Types of Interior Doors

Other types of interior doors include:

  • Iron interior doors for homes.
  • Turkish doors.
  • Wooden interior doors.
  • Laser-cut iron doors.

Tips for Choosing Interior Doors

Here are some tips for choosing the right interior doors:

  • Opt for doors made of natural wood like oak or teak for their durability and ease of customization.
  • Choose solid core or pressed wooden doors for interior room divisions, considering their lightweight design and variety of colors.
  • Select fan-lite doors for kitchen areas, but avoid them in households with children.
  • Utilize sliding wooden doors for dividing large rooms or maximizing space in smaller rooms.

In conclusion, we have covered most of the information regarding interior wooden doors, along with insights into some types of interior doors

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