Our most important work is in the manufacture of wooden doors


Our work in the wooden door industry is the actual evidence of the quality of our products and the efficiency of our workers, resulting in unparalleled products that have contributed to the widespread adoption of our products across the entire country. They have been utilized in many major projects recently undertaken in Egypt, such as the New Administrative Capital, tourist villages, and new cities.

Those in charge are looking for the best companies that adhere to international standards in the products they offer. This is precisely what Sery Doors Company ensures in all the wooden doors they produce. In this article, we will highlight their most important works in the field of wooden door manufacturing and the key products they offer.

Key Works of Sery Doors Company:

Sery Doors Company has presented its work in the execution of doors, allowing its clients to access the services available and instill confidence in the high quality of its products. It has provided its services in several important projects currently underway, including:

  1. Capital Project in the New Administrative Capital.
  2. Sky City Project in Al Galala City.
  3. Project in the Republic of Congo.

Key Products of Sery Doors Company:

Our work is the first evidence of the quality of the products we produce, made from the best raw materials imported from abroad to ensure the efficiency needed by the customer to reassure them about the doors they have. Doors are the most important decorative element in a home.

Although it is just a door, it is impossible to live in a house without a securely closing door that prevents burglars and intruders from entering. Therefore, the company works on producing many products related to doors, with the most important products being:

  1. Steel Reinforced Doors: These doors are the secret of the industry, in addition to the Turkish quality, which speaks clearly about our work in the major projects in which the company participates with its services. These doors are characterized by being made of the best raw materials, making the home door safer and giving it unmatched elegance and aesthetics. They are suitable for modern door designs and contain the latest locking devices that enhance security.
  2. PV42 – PVC Door: This product is a new masterpiece in the world of wooden doors and is among the doors offered by the best company ever, Sery Doors Company. It has many features that have made many people keen to use it in their homes. It does not require maintenance like other wooden doors. It can be designed in the way you choose to match the decor of the home you want to put it in. It is made from PVC Acrovyn materials, which are unique.

It has high resistance to heat and can resist scratches and breakage. It is also easy to clean, resists bacteria and fungi, and all these wonderful features are provided by Sery Doors Company at unbeatable prices in Egypt.

The most important thing that attracts the customer to deal with a company working in the wooden door industry is the work they undertake. Our work at Sery Doors Company can speak about the quality of our products and their high-quality materials.

Article link on Al Masreyeen Belkharag Newspaper: https://www.egyptiansabroad.news/87830

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