The best types of wooden doors and their features


If anyone wants to start constructing a new building, whether it’s a private residence, an office related to their work, or anything else, this requires purchasing many necessary materials to complete the building, which are considered essential components without which the building cannot be erected. Among the most important of these items are doors and windows, which come in various shapes and types. Through this article, you can learn about the best types of wooden doors and their features.

Types of Wooden Doors:

Wooden doors come in different types and colors, and the appropriate color and size for the door are chosen according to the location where the wooden door will be installed. Here are some of the best types of wooden doors:

Oak Wood:

Oak wood is known to be one of the best types of wood recognized by people, used to manufacture various types of high-quality furniture. This type of wood is used to make wooden doors, and many people wonder about the price of interior wooden doors.

Oak wood has many advantages, including hardness, durability, strength, and beauty. It can withstand high temperatures and is not susceptible to decay. However, oak wood is relatively expensive due to its high quality, and there are various other types available.

Ash Wood:

Ash wood is used in Sery Doors factory because it is durable and has a wonderful color, even without the need for staining. The wood is expensive, which reduces its demand among most people, but it is of the highest quality compared to other types.

Mahogany Wood:

This type of wood is characterized by its low price and good features for its price. Therefore, it is used in Sery Doors factory. Some methods used by workers in this wood make it cover some of its defects, such as wrapping it with external peels that give it strength to withstand various factors.

Types of Interior Doors:

There are some types of doors used in home design, including:

Panel Door:

The panel door is the best for interior doors. This door contains an internal filling consisting of chipboard or MDF, which gives the door more weight, durability, and strength.

Solid Door:

Solid doors are the most expensive, valuable, longest-lasting, hardest, and most durable doors. This is because they are made from natural wood without any voids or internal fillings of artificial wood. They are the best choice for interior doors in homes due to the ease of designing them, unlike armored doors, which always come with their own designs, in addition to their efficient use.

In conclusion, in this article, we presented the best types of wooden doors that are commonly used in the manufacture of interior doors, in addition to explaining the most important features of each type. We also clarified the types of interior doors as well.

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