Wooden apartment doors and the best classic and modern designs


Apartment doors, whether classic or modern, are more than just functional elements for opening and closing. They play a crucial role in defining the apartment’s aesthetic appeal, providing it with attractive and elegant touches. Therefore, customers always seek the best types of wood to showcase their apartments in the best possible light. Additionally, there is a growing preference for classic and modern doors, with a particular inclination towards light colors and delicate decorative designs.

Wooden Apartment Doors: Best Classic and Modern Designs

Apartment door designs are among the most important decor elements that require attention when starting modern apartment decoration. This is because apartment doors serve as the main entrance to the apartment, besides their essential role in protecting it from theft or intrusion. Traditional wooden apartment doors currently dominate new apartments, despite the diversity in times and tastes. However, there are many modern types of apartment doors available in the market, including iron doors and armored doors.

Best Types of Wooden Doors:

After understanding wooden apartment doors and the best classic and modern designs, let’s explore the best types of wooden doors suitable for apartments:

  1. Oak Wood: Oak wood is one of the best types of wood for apartment doors due to its strength, durability, beautiful color, and resistance to high temperatures. However, it is one of the most expensive types of wood in the market, available in various types such as Russian, American, and Turkish oak.
  2. Mossaki Wood: Mossaki wood is widely used due to its lower price compared to oak wood. Some simple tricks can be used to hide any flaws in this type of wood and extend its lifespan.
  3. Arro Wood: Doors made of arro wood are solid, sturdy, and have a distinct appearance. However, they tend to be expensive compared to other wood types. Arro wood is available in various types, including American, African, and English arro.

Materials Used in Apartment Door Manufacturing:

Several materials are used to manufacture apartment doors to make them distinct and attractive:

  • Wood: Wooden doors are preferred by many due to their elegance and suitability for apartments. They are easy to shape and give a luxurious and elegant impression.
  • Iron: Iron doors are used in places where theft or intrusion is a concern. They are commonly used in remote areas and are less flexible in shaping compared to exterior doors.
  • Glass: Glass doors, especially those difficult to break, are gaining popularity due to their compatibility with modern designs. They can also be used in combination with other materials for door design.
  • Alumetal: This material is used by some for either the entire door or part of it.

Wooden Room Doors

The bedroom is an essential space in the home, where a considerable amount of time is spent. Therefore, the primary goal when installing a bedroom door is to provide the privacy needed. Here are some prominent designs for wooden room doors:

  • Classic Wooden Door: A classic wooden door maintains a balance between the interior door design and the overall decor style. It easily complements any modern design.
  • Classic Design with Glass Panel: Modern wooden bedroom doors can feature a beautiful design with both wooden and glass panels, often with floral patterns etched into the glass.
  • Royal Decor Bedroom Door: Decor plays a vital role for many seeking a stunning effect. Therefore, the color white, symbolizing simplicity, elegance, perfection, and innocence, can be used, as it complements any decor style.

In conclusion, we have covered wooden apartment doors, the best classic and modern designs, the best types of wooden doors, and the materials used in their manufacturing.

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