Wooden doors for houses and apartments


Home doors, whether interior or exterior, are crucial elements that many individuals seek due to their role as the home’s protective barrier against intrusion. Additionally, they serve as aesthetic pieces that catch the attention of visitors. The best type of doors are wooden ones, as wood is the traditional material most commonly used in door manufacturing. Wooden doors are highly versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to their durability, strength, and exquisite designs, as well as their lightweight nature.

Wooden doors are timeless and adaptable to various styles, be it modern or classic. Here are some essential types of wooden doors and information about them:

Types of Wooden Doors:

  1. Alder Wood Doors: Alder wood is one of the best types of wood for making doors. It’s also commonly used in crafting classic furniture, adding beauty and elegance to homes. Alder wood is relatively low-cost compared to other wood types, and it comes in various colors that can be easily painted. However, its softness makes it prone to breakage and scratches.
  2. Oak Wood Doors: Oak wood is one of the most popular and renowned types of wood used in door manufacturing, whether for interior or exterior doors. It boasts beautiful and attractive shapes and colors, is resistant to rot, has a smooth texture, and a natural shine. Oak wood is easily moldable according to the desired shape, but it tends to be more expensive and less resistant to moisture.
  3. Mahogany Wood Doors: Mahogany is a modern type of wood used in crafting both interior and exterior doors for homes. It can be intricately decorated and designed, offering a charming artistic touch. Mahogany’s beautiful color and high shine give it a luxurious appearance. It is known for its durability and strength, although it may contain knots that could lead to wood separation. Mahogany is considered a high-cost wood and is not highly resistant to rot.

Advantages of Exterior Wooden Doors:

  • Wooden exterior doors combine strength, durability, and beauty, providing an appealing aesthetic to the home while ensuring security.
  • They offer superior insulation properties, providing better soundproofing and thermal insulation compared to other door materials like aluminum and iron.
  • Wooden doors provide a wide range of options in terms of wood type, shape, style, and design.
  • With proper maintenance, wooden doors can last for a long time, maintaining their beauty and functionality.
  • The traditional appearance of wood imparts a unique and sophisticated charm to the home.
  • The prices of wooden doors depend on various factors such as design, wood type, and the amount of wood used in their construction.

In conclusion, we have provided comprehensive information about interior and exterior wooden doors, enabling you to choose your home doors with care and in the right manner.

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